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The Details

Our custom lawn treatment package consists of five applications guaranteed to make your lawn beautiful and weed free. This proven program combines just the right amount of slow release fertilizer and weed control over the course of the growing season to create thick, green, healthy grass.  We tailor each treatment to bring out the natural beauty of healthy, green grass, and guarantee it will bring out the very best in your lawn.

(Dates are approximate, subject to Wisconsin's varying weather conditions.)

I. March - Pre emergent granular application to control crabgrass and fertilize for the coming growing season. Inhibits crabgrass and builds strong, deep roots for desireable turfgrass. Lays the critical groundwork for a velvety smooth lawn throughout the year.

II. May - Post emergent broadleaf weed control, to eliminate dandelions, thistles, creeping charley, and other common lawn weeds. Keeps you lawn beautifully lush and weed free.

III. June - Customized, combined application of fertilizer and broadleaf weed control. Greens and thickens your grass, while providing continuing control of all broadleaf weeds.

IV. August - Customized combination of fertilizer and broadleaf weed control to green and thicken the lawn and control weeds in late summer.

V. October - Winterizer fertilizer application, specifically formulated to grow root systems deeper and longer over the winter months thus promoting a thick, healthy lawn next spring.

Satisfaction Guaranteed! If you are ever dissatisfied we will come out and re-treat at no charge.

-Rick Halverson

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